Penham Excel Enforcement Agents can deal effectively with all of your Debt Recovery

Outstanding debts owed to you can place you or your company at financial risk and we recognise this fact. It is imperative therefore that you have an effective route for your Debt Recovery. You need look no further than our associated Company Penham Excel Enforcement Officers.

The team at Penham Excel Enforcement Officers are available to assist and just a telephone call away to discuss your requirements. This facility is also available to collect your Sundry debts – with fixed prices for our enforcement. You can call on 033 000 20705 or view their web site CLICK HERE

Penham Excel Enforcement Agents offer a full service in England and Wales with our experienced County Court Certificated Agents, who are fully employed, using real time tracking on vehicles.

The Penham Excel Enforcement Agents utilise a ‘state of the art’ IT enforcement programme (PECS) which enables reporting in real time whilst still out on the road or even whilst still with the debtor.

Deciding to Enforce

In some instances it is not best practice to proceed to court particularly where a debtor has no assets whatsoever. Penham Excel can assist with enquiries for this and report to you to make a final decision. Penham Excel County Court Certificated Enforcement Agents use their dedicated Trace and Collect department and can also arrange to have discreet visits made to debtors’ property before the Court route is initiated.

Trace & Collect

Elusive debtors who move regularly are a frustrating issue. However  dedicated teams will continue to trace the whereabouts of your debtor using all available databases and local sources until the case is satisfied.

Obtaining a Judgement

If you decide to obtain a Judgment in relation to the outstanding monies our team will be able to direct you to one of nominated solicitors for advice and action accordingly. Hand Morgan Owen Solicitors – telephone 01785 211411 Wilkin Chapman llp – telephone 01472 262631

Transfer up to High Court

If you have a County Court Judgement for more than £600 (provided that the Judgment does not arise from a regulated agreement under the Consumer Credit Act) or a High Court Writ to enforce Penham Excel High Court Enforcement Officers is the only name you need to know.