Helping Landlords with their Property Issues

Owed Money For Rent, Service Charges, Insurance Charges or – Have Trespassers on Your Land –  We are here to help you – just a call or click away Penham Excel High Court Enforcement and our associated company Penham Excel Enforcement Agents are the only names you need to know.  

A fast, effective, professional service through-out England and Wales is offered with a large portfolio of satisfied customers. Commercial Rent and Recovery (CRAR) is available to use for rent owed to a landlord  and this service is offered by Penham Excel Enforcement Agents, each of whom are certificated by the County Court. In relation to Commercial Property where you as the landlord decide to forfeit a lease Penham Excel Enforcement Agents will arrange for this to be actioned quickly without the need for Court action – CLICK HERE TO INSTRUCT ON LINE

In relation to Service and Insurance Charges outstanding Penham Excel County Court Certificated Enforcement Agents have a very successful route of enforcing such a debt – CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION

Resolving Your Property and Land Issues

Managing property and land, whether it be a residential of commercial property, can at times be frustrating when issues arise such as non-payment of rent, service charges, or breach of tenancy agreements.   Whilst we have to be mindful of the existing Landlord and Tenancy relationships there will always be times when action has to be taken.   With Penham Excel High Court Enforcement  and our associated company Penham Excel  Enforcement Agents we have everything that you will need and depending on the route of action that you decide upon (Judgement or CRAR) – we can act for you.   Our experienced team of Enforcement Agents, all of whom are certificated by the County Court, backed up by the vast knowledge of our highly experienced and successful High Court Enforcement Officers ensure that the job gets done to your satisfaction. Our dedicated solicitors Hand Morgan Owen would be happy to advise on any legal issues and where appropriate would be in a position to act for you with regard to any issues that you have.  You can call them on 01785 211411 or visit their web site – CLICK HERE   Residential Property We can help 

  • Residential tenant eviction
  • Residential rent arrears

Commercial Property

  • Forfeiture of lease
  • Repossession of Commercial Property with a Writ of control.
  • CRAR – commercial rent recovery
  • Commercial rent arrears with High Court Warrant


  • Eviction of trespassers
  • Protester Eviction
  • Trespasser eviction from land
  • Squatter eviction from property
  • Special eviction services
*For some of the above actions you will need a court order and therefore we suggest that you either contact your solicitor or speak to our designated solicitors at Hand Morgan Owen on 01785 211411

Service Charges and Insurance Charges

We have teamed up with Chris Grocock, Partner and Head of Debt Recovery and Insolvency at Wilkin Chapman LLP, a leading law firm. Chris acts for a wide variety of small businesses, larger commercial organisations, local authorities and insolvency practitioners and specialises in debt collection, commercial litigation and insolvency work. In the 2011 edition of the Legal 500, a leading source of information on the legal services sector, the firm’s debt recovery department is singled out for praise. In particular, Chris is highlighted as being an ‘expert in his field’.   Under normal circumstances all costs are recovered from the tenant and therefore there would be no charges due from the landlord. Please note that only the VAT exclusive charges will be payable by the debtor.  VAT will be payable by the creditor.  If the creditor is VAT registered it will be able to recover the VAT. However, should the case be defended or there is a a prolonged case whereby solicitors are engaged for this purpose – fees for this would be invoiced accordingly.


Our High Court Enforcement Officers – who are all practising Solicitors – have a wealth of knowledge and have been successful in many major recovery matters. They are committed to provide an ethical and effective service. Our team of “In the Field” Enforcement Agents all of whom are fully employed are proud that they have some of the best collection rates within the industry.