Helping Local Authorities

Penham Excel High Court Enforcement is the only name you need to know. Together with our associated company Penham Excel we can  offer a fast, effective, professional service through-out England and Wales.  

Enforcing County Court Judgments

Having obtained the a Judgment we can progress the case further by transferring your County Court Judgment to the High Court for Enforcement, using our FREE Transfer-Up Service*.   We can then use the greater powers afforded to High Court Enforcement Officer to hopefully secure the payment of your debt and enforcement fees quickly.

* The solicitors provide this service free but you do need to pay a Court fee of £66 payable to HMCTS


Enforcing Your Possession Order

Once you have a Possession Order we can act fast and efficiently to resolve the matter for you. Whether your Order for Possession is for land or property we can resolve your issue. To enable us to use the greater powers of enforcement granted to High Court Enforcement Officers we offer a FREE Transfer Up Service* which will speed up the process of eviction We are proud of this service and can assure you of total satisfaction.

* The solicitors provide this service free but you do need to pay a Court fee of £66 payable to HMCTS


Resolving Your Property and Land Issues

Managing property and land, whether it be a residential of commercial property, can at times be frustrating when issues arise such as non-payment of rent, service charges, or breach of tenancy agreements.   Whilst we have to be mindful of the existing Landlord and Tenancy relationships there will always be times when action has to be taken.   With Penham Excel High Court Enforcement we have everything that you will need and depending on the route of action that you decide upon (Judgment or CRAR) – either our High Court Enforcement Agents or Agents from our associated company Penham Excel will be in a position to assist.   Our experienced team of Enforcement Agents backed up by the vast knowledge of our highly experienced and successful High Court Enforcement Officers ensure that the job gets done to your satisfaction. We can help you with the following: Residential Property

  • Residential tenant eviction
  • Residential rent arrears

Commercial Property

  • Forfeiture of lease
  • Repossession of Commercial Property with a Writ of control.
  • CRAR – Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery
  • Commercial rent arrears with High Court Warrant


  • Eviction of trespassers
  • Protester Eviction
  • Trespasser eviction from land
  • Squatter eviction from property
  • Special eviction services including a full equine service for the removal of horses from land.


Our High Court Enforcement Officers – who are all practising Solicitors – have a wealth of knowledge and have been successful in many major recovery matters. They are committed to provide an ethical and effective service.   Our team of “In the Field” Enforcement Agents all of whom are fully employed are proud that they have some of the best collection rates within the industry.   Together with the vast experience within our Company we can offer a FREE Transfer Up Service* for our services.

* The solicitors provide this service free but you do need to pay a Court fee of £66 payable to HMCTS

We can accept your instructions Now Online and if you have numerous Judgments we have the facility to process these for you – Click Here to Instruct Us