Penham Excel High Court Enforcement Officers is dedicated to the enforcement of High Court Writs.

The enforcement of such writs may only be carried out by or under the direction of Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers. Our Enforcement Agents have extensive experience and are directly employed.  They are certificated by the County Court, highly trained and have a wealth of experience. We offer a range of high court enforcement services including:

Recovering Your Debts

Our dedicated solicitors Hand Morgan Owen will transfer your County Court money judgment for £600 or more to the High Court.  The solicitors provide this service free but you do need to pay a Court fee of £66 payable to HMCTS (Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service)

When received from Court, our High Court Enforcement Officers will oversee the enforcement of the Writ of Control (for a money judgment) and your case will be actioned immediately

Your employment Tribunal Award or ACAS Settlement Award can be transferred up to the High Court by our dedicated solicitors. Again, this is a free service but you will need to pay a Court Fee of £66 payable to HMCTS

Taking Possession of Your Land or Your Property

Our High Court Enforcement Officers will oversee the execution of a Writ of Possession for Commercial Premises, and this will be actioned immediately

Residential Possession Orders may be enforced in the High Court if, at the time of the order being obtained by solicitors, an application is made under section 42 of the County Court Act. There is a normal Court Fee of £155 for this. Enforcement in the County Court can take much longer to initiate (in some parts of the Country over 12 weeks). If you wish to find out more about this please consult your solicitor or our dedicated solicitors Hand Morgan Owen – who will be happy to assist.

We are able to evict squatters/travellers/trespassers from your property once a Writ of Possession is obtained – unless we are able to use Common Law powers to evict without the need to obtain a court order. Our dedicated solicitors Hand Morgan Owen would be happy to discuss your options and progress the matter to court if appropriate.

Asset Recovery with a Writ of Delivery

With the authority of a Writ of Delivery we are able to collect designated items and return them in line with the orders on the Writ. These could include:

  • Art and Collectables
  • Vehicles, plant and machinery
  • Counterfeits and patent infringement
  • Specific goods

For more information on our High Court Enforcement services please contact one of our friendly agents on 033 000 20700

Benefits of using High Court Enforcement Officers...

Free Service

Our High Court Enforcement service is completely Free of Charge apart from the Court Fee. All charges are met by the debtor.

Immediate action

Upon instruction we will commence immediately with enforcement and keep you up to date with each and every stage until your debt has been resolved.

One point of contact

We provide you with a single point of contact who will manage the judgment procedure from start to finish and will be on hand to respond to any queries you may have pre and post enforcement.

National Coverage

We operate on a national scale throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also provide an international service for clients in the UK whose debtors may have absconded / moved abroad.

IT Systems

We utilise the latest state of the art IT systems to ensure all of our clients are kept up to date with real time information through a secure online portal.