Managing property and land issues, whether it be on residential or commercial property, can at times be frustrating when issues arise such as non-payment of rent, service charges, or breach of tenancy agreements.

Whilst we have to be mindful of the existing Landlord and Tenancy relationships there will always be times when action has to be taken. Our associated company Penham Excel County Court Certificated Enforcement Agents can assist you with any property or land issues (Judgment or CRAR).  

Should you require any assistance in obtaining a County Court Judgement or transferring a case to the High Court for enforcement our dedicated solicitors Hand Morgan Owen can be contacted on 01785 211411.

We can help you with the following… 

Residential Property

  • Residential tenant eviction
  • Residential rent arrears

Commercial Property

  • Forfeiture of lease
  • Repossession of Commercial Property via a writ of control
  • CRAR – commercial rent arrears recovery
  • Commercial rent arrears with High Court Warrant


  • Eviction of trespassers
  • Protester eviction
  • Trespasser eviction from land
  • Squatter eviction from property
  • Specialist eviction services