Your Employment Tribunal Award or ACAS Settlement Award can be transferred to the High Court for enforcement.

Waiting for your compensation following a Employment Tribunal Award or ACAS Settlement Award can be tiresome – often resulting in undue pressures to individuals, so you need to consider our Tribunal Award Enforcement service.

Our main focus is YOU – we will concentrate on recovering your compensation as soon as practicable and remit the awarded monies to you quicker than by using the normal County Court route of enforcement (which can be up to twelve weeks to initiate the enforcement of the claim). This includes your £66 court fee and interest where applicable. We will provide you with a single point of contact you in the event that you have any queries during the enforcement action.  

Free Transfer Up Service by Hand Morgan Owen

Our dedicated solicitors Hand Morgan Owen will transfer your Tribunal Award or ACAS Settlement Award for more than £600 to the High Court. – The solicitors provide this service free but you do need to pay a Court fee of £66 payable to HMCTS (Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service).

National Coverage for Tribunal Award Enforcement

We operate in England and Wales having Enforcement Agents located throughout the areas – facilitating a swift response to any necessary visits to debtors business or residential addresses as determined by claimants and/or their solicitors.

If you require more details about our Tribunal Award Enforcement service, please contact one of our friendly agents on 033 000 20700 today.

Benefits of using High Court Enforcement Officers...

Free Service

Our High Court Enforcement service is completely Free of Charge apart from the Court Fee. All charges are met by the debtor.

Immediate action

Upon instruction we will commence immediately with enforcement and keep you up to date with each and every stage until your debt has been resolved.

One point of contact

We provide you with a single point of contact who will manage the judgment procedure from start to finish and will be on hand to respond to any queries you may have pre and post enforcement.

National Coverage

We operate on a national scale throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also provide an international service for clients in the UK whose debtors may have absconded / moved abroad.

IT Systems

We utilise the latest state of the art IT systems to ensure all of our clients are kept up to date with real time information through a secure online portal.