Latest information from the HCEOA

A new report ‘Judgement Enforcement – Time for Change’ has just been published by the High Court Enforcement Officers Association.

The report is calling on the Ministry of Justice to work towards changes to the High Court and County Court Jurisdiction Order 1991 and to allow court users with a choice of enforcement provider for all forms of judgment.

The Association will be asking for the following:-

  1. Allowing HCEOs to enforce judgments based on Consumer Credit Act regulated agreements
  2. Allowing HCEOs to enforce County Court judgments below £600.00
  3. Allowing HCEOs to enforce County Court orders for possession without the need for a further court order

A recent survey published within the report backs up their calls, with the following results:

  • 92.17% would consider using High Court Enforcement Officers for the enforcement of Consumer Regulated Judgments.
  • 89.12% see no justification for maintaining a distinction in the High Court and County Courts Jurisdiction Order between Consumer regulated and non-regulated judgments.
  • 87.89% would support a change in the High Court and County Courts Jurisdiction Order to remove the prohibition not allowing High Court Enforcement Officers to enforce consumer regulated judgments.

You can download a copy of the full report below:



The High Court Enforcement Officers Association formerly known as The Sheriffs Officers Association was formed over 124 years ago. Its continued aim is to represent all its members and to provide a voice to Government.

Today, this role has developed by not only providing a voice to Government but working with Government by improving and implementing changes to current and proposed regulations. We continue to raise our standards of enforcement through improved training, codes of conduct and regulation, ensuring that we provide not only an effective enforcement service that enables Creditors to recover the Judgments, but also that all parties that are subjected to those Judgments are treated in a fair, ethical and proportional manner.