Recovering Rent Arrears Quicker - High Court Enforcement

Recovering rent arrears quicker

As we go into the new rent quarter it is encouraging for our clients to note that the trend for the majority of commercial tenants to respond to our CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery) seven day enforcement notice is continuing thus removing the need for an Enforcement Officer to physically attend commercial premises.

Conversely in some cases where a tenant fails to respond to our notice or makes an offer to pay by installments direct to the landlord a client may wish us to attend to asses the tenant’s ability to pay. Many tenants may be claiming hard times whilst a distant landlord is unable to appraise the situation for themselves.

We are pleased to announce that as part of Penham Excel’s ongoing commitment to provide a top quality service to our clients all of our enforcement team along with relevant members of our management staff have recently taken and passed the Chartered Institute of Credit Management ‘Taking Control of Goods’ exam.

The various elements of the team are designed to demonstrate an Enforcement Officers understanding of the role of enforcement agents, along with their knowledge of the relevant law and practice of the Taking Control of Goods regulations which came into force last year. Additional elements of the exam look at relevant aspects of customer care and the avoidance and management of potential conflict situations.